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028 ; Top 5 Scenes - 4.04 Katie (Skins)


I thought this episode was amazing. I laughed, I cried, and I now I have new found love for Katie Fitch.
What a bad ass, what an amazing character. (What an amazing actress)!
 I thought Cook's recent episode would be my all-time favourite episode from the second generation of Skins.
No, Katie came along and blew it out of the water.I know many still enjoyed Cooks episode over Katies. 
Me?I loved this episode, every single minute of it.
Which is why it was difficult to narrow it down to just five scenes, but I wanted to participate in
picspammy's latest challenge.
You'll notice I grouped scenes together, and maybe cheated a bit. I couldn't help myself! It was way too hard to choose.

5. I don't know who I am anymore
[Effy offers Katie a smoke]
Katie: I don't smoke.
Effy: What are you scared of?
Katie: Uh, Cancer.
Oh, Fuck it. [Katie coughs from inhaling the wrong way]
Effy: Steady, you didn't inhale properly. Breathe in, now breathe in again so it goes there.
Katie: Why are you being nice to me?
Effy: Life's too short.
Katie: You're such a fucking cliche. So what's it like?
Effy: What's what like?
Katie: Love.
Effy: Great ... It's really lovely.
Katie: That sounded convincing.
Effy: It's fine. Nothing's ever perfect, you know?
Katie: I thought it could be. I wanted the perfect boyfriend, perfect marriage, perfect everything.
Effy: What's changed?
Katie: Me. I don't know who I am anymore.
Effy: I thought you were "Katie Fucking Fitch"?

I loved this scene. Katie and Effy work well together in some weird way this season.
I feel like Effy's completely let her guard down, she's more open, more vulnerable.
She doesn't hate Katie. What happened last season really changed Effy and her point of view I think.
I know people are wanting "HBIC" Effy back, but I don't.
I'm excited for the upcoming storyline. Katie can be our HBIC for right now, okay?
Anyways, Katie just lost all hope, and needs a bit of a push.
I'm glad Effy's the one to let her know there's no such thing as a perfect world,
and that love's always complicated/flawed in some way or another.
She's just fine as she is, and shouldn't strive for perfection. She's Katie Fucking Fitch.

4. Bit Melodramatic, remind you of anyone?

Emily: Whose got anymore pills? Effy?
Katie: Don't you think you've have enough?
Emily: Don't think, it makes life much easier.
Naomi darling? Do you got any of your special powder?
Naomi: Don't, Em.
Emily: Where's Cook when you need him? Somebody find some more pills!
Naomi: Another fun day at Mrs. and Mrs. Campbell's.
Thomas: Do you want me to ask everyone to leave?
Katie: Thanks Thomas. What's the point? It's all fucked anyway.
[Emily starts kissing another girl]
Naomi: What the fuck are you doing Emily? Emily fucking stop this shit now!
[Emily runs and pushes Naomi into the pool falling in with her]
Emily: [laughing] Hey Naoms, darling, am I making you nice and wet?
Naomi: Fuck you!
Emily: [pushes Naomi] Fuck you right back!
Katie: Ems stop it.
Emily: Stay out of this.
Emily: Why don't you all just fuck off? Look at you, pretending to be happy a family, pretending to love each other.
Mama Fitch: Don't you dare speak to me like that.
Emily: Get off your high horse!
Mama Fitch: I can't, I can't be here anymore.
Emily: Bit melodramatic, remind you of anyone?
[Katie slaps Emily]
James: Stop it!
Katie: AGGGH!

This scene was great. Emily is spinning out of control to get back at Naomi.
Who's going to slap her and knock some sense into her?
Her big twin sister Katie Fucking Fitch, that's who. Emily was very ignorant in this episode, and I can understand why.
But trying to detach herself from her family, her sister is just horrible.
I teared up in episode two when Katie said in their twin speak "please don't leave me here".
And again in the beginning of the episode when Katie found out bad news,
and needed to talk with her sister, but was got the answering machine.
Emily abandoned the person who loves her more than anyone. So, she deserved that slap in the face.

3. Everyone relies on you to tell the truth, they need you Katie. 
[Thomas breaks the knob off the bathroom door]
Katie: ... Are you gonna stand there until they get back?
Thomas: Yes, yes i'll get you a towel and-
Katie: Just sit down. ... Bit of a pickle. [they both laugh]
Do you think i'm a bitch Thomas?
Thomas: I think you are Katie, you should always be you. You're strong.
Katie: I was too aggressive, just like my fucking Mum. I know it, I am a bitch.
Thomas: Everyone relies on you to tell the truth Katie, they need you.
Katie: That thing you do, is it for real?
Thomas: What thing?
Katie: The lovely, honorable thing.
Thomas: I'm not, I screw up so often. Panda, college, ... everything.
[Katie pushes him into the tub and kisses him]
Katie: Do you fancy me? Just checking.
Thomas: Of course.
Katie: I can't have kids. ... They say I can't have kids, ever.
Thomas: And you are sad? You think, maybe no man would ever want you?
But I am a man, and I think you are a beautiful, magnificent woman.
Katie: Panda was an idiot not to forgive you.
Thomas: I was the idiot, I wasn't honorable.
[Katie hugs Thomas]
Katie: We can be friends?
Thomas: Yes, i'd like that.
Katie: Me too.

Aw Thomas, you care so much about the Fitch twins. This is the Thomas I enjoy seeing.
The scene in episode nine between Emily and Thomas at the bus stop was one of my all-time favourite scenes.
Thomas is a great friend, really amazing. I don't think Katie's ever had a guy just be her friend, it's great she will have them now.
Hopefully they'll have more screentime together. The bathtub scene was just adorable, and so honest.
Oh, and Katie wandering around the house in a towel observing everyone, I loved it!
I teared up a bit when Katie walked into Emily's bedroom and consoled her. reunited at last!
Also, I loved the chalk board at Emily & Naomi's "You are my lobster" !Friends quote ♥

2. I didn't want to let you down, but you let me down.
Katie: Mum? [sighs] Mum, I can't have children.
I went to the doctors yesterday and they said there's nothing they can do. I wanted to tell you, but you were too busy shouting.
It's all about you, I didn't want to let you down. But you let me down. I really needed you and you weren't there.
Mama Fitch: My baby girl.
Katie: It doesn't matter Mum, the house and the money. I don't want it. I'm not gonna be you. I just want a Mum who loves me, no matter what.
Mama Fitch: I do love you no matter what. I'm so sorry.
Katie: We love you Mum, so appreciate  us. Stop trying to push us away.
Papa Fitch: Jenn, I love you.
Mama Fitch: You stupid bastard!
Papa Fitch: I'm sorry.
[Mama and Papa Fitch kiss]
James: Ugh! They're using tongues and everything.

This scene! I cried, hard. Especially when Katie started crying. What an amazing actress.
I've always favoured Emily, but i'm not so sure after this episode, ... this scene.
She's such a wonderful character, really well rounded. I'm so glad this episode has a somewhat happy ending.
They're all starting over with nothing but each other. It's great, really.
Love is holding them together. It's so sappy, but so fucking great. I'm glad Emily was there.
(Oh, and Wasn't is adorable when they were holding hands at the beginning of the scene?!)
I also love that Emily was making fun of her parents and Katie just smiled and then looked over and made that face.
"oh god, that is pretty nasty isn't it?!

1. I'm Katie Fucking Fitch, who the fuck are you?!
Brandy: I'm so bad Mummy told everyone I got knocked up.
Katie: Yeah I bet.
Brandy: Ooh! I'll have some of that.
Katie: You do know you're not supposed to drink when you're pregnant?
Brandy: Don't care! And I don't think you can talk to me like that.
Katie: I'll do what I want! [Katie grabs the bottle out of her hand]
You're in my way, move.
Effy: Katie!
Katie: What are you doing here?
Effy: Have a drink with us.
Katie: Is that a joke?!
Effy: Katie I-
Katie: You haven't changed, I can see straight through you.
Effy: Likewise. You ever gonna let that smile falter?
Katie: Only when yours does.
Candy: Sweetheart I've run out of fags, you'll need to run along and go get some more.
Katie: One, i'm not your fucking maid. Two, I don't work for you, so you'll have to run along and get your own fags sweetheart.
[Candy pushes Katie into Freddie's lap]
Candy: Swallow or spit girlfriend?
[Katie follows Candy and trips her]
Candy: Who THE FUCK do you think you are?
[Katie punches Candy in the face]


EPIC! I probably know these scenes off by heart now.
I watched the sneek peaks from last week over and over again because they were just so damn good.
Do not fuck with Katie Fitch, okay?! She will literally fuck you up. I also love the scene between Katie/Effy/Freddy.
I love that Katie calls her out on being fake, but Effy throws it right back at her.
They remind of of Blair/Serena during this scene, just because of the power struggle.
It may not be said in so many words but it's there. They're challenging one another, to be actually real for once.
Anyways, of course this scene is number one. Amazing!

This includes tumblr/fanpop etcetc. i'm everywhere baby. Plus, I have my own tumblr. If I want to post it there, I will.
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